2019 Wrap Up

The Canberra Modern team have enjoyed a huge year in 2019 celebrating Canberra’s modernist spirit and want to thank you for your support and enthusiasm for our program and our mission.  We present you a few of our vital statistics:

- We presented 14 events as part of the Canberra Modern Program,  within the Canberra and Region Heritage Festival (13 April - 5 May 2019). Key highlights included a bus tour with artist Trevor Dickinson, Tim Ross’s Design Nation at the National Gallery, a guest appearance by Australia’s own Ms Modernism, Annalisa Cappuro and a talk on Marimekko in Australia by Catriona Quinn.

- We presented six additional Canberra Modern events throughout the year and supported, partnered with or co-promoted three other local events

- The Canberra Modern Festival saw 1,300 attendees as well as over 670 attendees at additional delivered & supported/partnered events.

- We grew our social media audience to over 3,100 and had over 2,400 unique page views on the Canberra Modern website. 

- We saw significant media reach into the tens of      thousands including on radio, television, web and print media.

- We contributed an estimated economic value to Canberra generated through events in the range of $17,400.

- We collaborated with over 30 key partners across the heritage, architecture and design, commercial, retail, events, academic, and cultural sectors and with Territory and Commonwealth government agencies.

- We were fortunate to receive an ACT Heritage Grant for our 2020 festival.

- We were awarded the National Trust (ACT) Award for an Outstanding Contribution to ACT Heritage,

We are so grateful to our sponsors, partners, supporters and everyone with us on this journey and we cant wait to show you what we have in store for 2020 – more events, more fun and much more modernism!

Amy, Edwina and Rachel –

The Canberra Modern ‘Mod Squad’