University House

University House is hosting Canberra Modern 2017 in its fantastic mid-century setting. Special thanks to the Master of the House, Peter Kanowski, Operations Manager, Matt Dowdney and UH Events Team for their assistance with the events.  

Design Institute of Australia

Thanks to the Design Institute of Australia, ACT Branch for their generous sponsorship of the Modernist Dinner. 

The Design Institute's vision is to raise awareness and increase the profile of the design profession within the community. They want to establish the ACT as an epicentre of design innovation and creativity - where the contribution of leading ACT designers is recognised. 

Australia ICOMOS

Australia ICOMOS has generously sponsored Canberra Modern 2017,  

The International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) is an association of heritage practitioners throughout the world, dedicated to the conservation of the world’s cultural heritage.

GML Heritage

GML Heritage have supported Canberra Modern in the development of The Other Moderns event. 

For over twenty-five years GML has been at the forefront of heritage consulting. With offices in Sydney and Canberra and a team of over forty industry leaders and experienced professionals.

Award-winning services include Aboriginal heritage, archaeology, the built environment, cultural landscapes, public history, community engagement and interpretation.

ANU Heritage

ANU Heritage has assisted in the development tog the Canberra Modern events and in allowing for Darren Bradley to be part of the events. 

ANu Heritage manages a diverse range of places with Indigenous, historic and natural heritage value. These heritage values are embodied in the landscape, the buildings and the complex histories of the sites, the people who lived and worked at there, the events that occurred, and the discoveries that were made.