About Us

Why Canberra Modern?


Canberra is a young city with a rich architectural legacy. With major boom periods in the 1920s and again from the 1950s-1980s – the architectural aesthetic of the city is eclectic, but deliberately cohesive.  

The mid-late twentieth century period of development in Canberra, specifically during the National Capital Development Commission’s (NCDC) oversight (1958-1989) has not been widely celebrated or recognised by the Canberra community.

Major developments not only in residential, but civic and community buildings saw the frequent involvement of architects now considered pioneers of the modernist movement, and the construction of a key collection of iconic and unique mid-century buildings in Australia.  

Many of these structures, which make an irreplaceable contribution to Canberra, have already been lost and many face risk of being lost in the near future.  

So we at Canberra Modern are here to help by engaging Canberra and Australia with their contemporary National Capital.