stars of canberra modern 2017

Darren Bradley - @modarchitecture

Award winning photographer, published author, Instagram star, modernist junkie and Canberra aficionado.

Darren came to photography through a passion for modern architecture.  

"I love to be around modern architecture. To me, it’s the most interesting medium for artistic expression in that it must nearly always serve a function, solve a specific problem, and speak to the context of its environment" 

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Tim Ross

Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross is one of the Australian entertainment industry’s true multi-talented performers.

He’s had unprecedented success in stand-up comedy, radio, acting, writing, presenting, music and more recently as a social commentator.

Tim is a modernist junkie and performs stand up in modernist venues throughout the world. His recent TV series Streets of Your Town received critical acclaim for highlighting modernism in Australia's literal backyard. 

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Miss Cherrybomb

A devotee to vintage glamour, Miss Cherrybomb spends her life creating, cultivating and sharing her experiences in life, glamour and style. 

Miss Selfie 2017

Miss Perfect Pinup Australia 2016

Miss Viva Las Vegas ‘19 Best Wardrobe Face of Daisy Jean Couture 


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Rebecca Hawcroft

Rebecca Hawcroft is a cultural heritage professional with 20 years’ experience working across the heritage and museums sector. Rebecca is the curator of the exhibition The Moderns: European designers in Sydney at the Museum of Sydney, July to November 2017 and editor of the book The Other Moderns (New South Publications, 2017).  

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Phillip Jones - The Martini Whisperer

For over a dozen years, Phillip worked as a fine dining manager around the world, a professional event organiser and social entrepreneur. 

Over the last few years he has turned his passion for Martini's into a thriving business and he is a authority on the subject.  Phillip recently gave a TEDX talk on the history of the martini and designed the 'centini' for the centenary of Canberra in 2013. 

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Geoff Isaac

A self described fan of the Featherston's work, Geoff Isaac is not a design academic or professional, but an avid collector and now author. Geoff started collecting Featherston designs in 1996 and found a lack of information on the designers, he started researching and collecting material on their careers. 

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